Your Questions Answered
We've put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about Look2 Home Marketing and what we offer.

If you have a question not answered here please use the Contact Us page.


What is an Interactive Floor Plan?

An Interactive Floor Plan is a detailed, two-dimensional floor plan with clickable photo icons. Each clickable camera icon displays the photo taken at that spot in the home. Information included with a Look2 Interactive Floor Plan is realtor/broker information, square footage, social media sharable links and much more.

How do I use the Interactive Floor Plan link? If so, where can I use it?

You will receive an email with your listing's individual Interactive Floor Plan link. Once you have received this link it is yours to use on any website and as many times as you need to use it. There are no hidden fees; you have purchased this link for your marketing.

How do I post a link on a website?

If you have access to the back-end of your website or your brokerage website, all you need to do is copy the link that has been emailed to you and paste it in the correct location on your listing revision page. If you have an MLS feed, depending on your provider, it may be updated automatically as part of your feed once you enter the link into your local MLS.

What is the difference between a branded and an unbranded IFP?

The branded link contains agent and brokerage information and the unbranded link contains only the Interactive Floor Plan. The unbranded link is needed for use on websites where no agent or brokerage information is permitted, such as many MLS websites.

What if my contact information changes?

If you are registered with Look2Homes.com, log in and select the profile link. There you will be able to update all of your information. If you are unsure of your login information or switched brokerage companies text or call 803-418-9532 for assistance. All changes will display immediately on all of your active Look2 Home Marketing tours.

Will you shoot FSBO (For Sale By Owner)?

Look2 Home Marketing and its dealers DO NOT do any FSBO. To order with us you must be an active Real Estate Agent, Property Manager or Marketing Manager.

How do I fix any errors that might have happened?

To add/update the price or bedroom/bathroom count log into your account, click on Order History, select the desired address, fill in the applicable fields and click Update. If you are unsure of your login information or switched brokerage companies, text or call 803-418-9532 for assistance. All changes will display immediately on all of your active Look2 Home Marketing tours.


What is your turnaround time?

1 - 2 business days from the date of appointment.

Do I own the photos?

No, Look2 Home Marketing and its dealers retain copyright ownership. Please review the terms page for more details.

When will I be charged for my order?

If paying with a credit or debit card you will be charged after your order is completed and emailed. A receipt is automatically emailed to the email address on file. If paying with cash or check, please have that available at the time of the appointment.

How long does it take to produce an aerial video?

It generally takes 3 business days from the day of shooting.

Anything I (the real estate agent, or homeowner) need to do for the home to have it ready?

“Lights on, fans off, blinds up”

Your tour is an Open House available online 24/7. Your listing or home should be as it would for an Open House.

What if I need to reschedule?

Give your local Look2 Home Marketing representative a call or text to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment.

*Please note, leaving a voicemail to reschedule does not change the time in our online system or guarantee we have the time requested available and could result in our rescheduling and cancellation fees.

Any cancellations require a 24-hour notice prior to the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 charge even if rescheduling. If our photographer arrives at a listing at the scheduled time and it is not ready to shoot, or we are unable to get into the listing, a $75.00 no-show charge will be applied.

How many photos will you take?

Look2 Home Marketing does not charge based on the number of photos taken; our pricing is a flat rate for homes under 8,000 square feet. We know that your listings vary in sizes and shoot every home with the same high standards.

How to request additional angles or additional photos?

If there is a specific angle or photo that you or your client would like, please request those prior to the appointment or at the time of the appointment. Failure to do so could result in a trip fee to return to the property to get the additional angle.

How to make photo edit requests?

In the event that you are not satisfied with the quality or editing of the photos, please contact your local Look2 Home Marketing representative. Our corporate phone is also available for assistance at 803-418-9532.

"Look2's photography is second to none! Their staff goes out of their way to make sure that the pictures take every detail of the home into account. Pictures sell the home and Look2 does their absolute best to assist me with my sales. Two of note are one in Shandon that sold in 11 hours and the other sold in Melrose Heights in 3 days. They are the absolute professionals for real estate photography and video!

- Jeff Lawler, Coldwell Banker Realty